A Conversation with Crystallization Expert Moussa Boukerche

A Visionary Approach to Crystallization and Education

We recently had the opportunity to talk with with Moussa Boukerche, one of Cobblestone’s newest course instructors, whose work combines chemistry and education with a focus on crystallization.

Moussa has been at the forefront of crystallization research and development for over 25 years, and in this interview, we explore his background, current pursuits, the distinctive aspects of his crystallization course, and his insights on teaching such a specialized subject.

Moussa Boukerche’s roots in chemistry are deep and expansive, echoing the intricate molecular structures that he has dedicated over two decades to studying and developing. With a foundational degree in chemical engineering, Moussa quickly focused his energies on the intriguing process of crystal formation. Recognizing early the broad implications of his work—from pharmaceutical development to semiconductor manufacturing—he pursued advanced studies, earning a master’s and subsequently a Ph.D. concentrating on the kinetic factors influencing crystal growth and polymorphic occurrence.

Over the past 25 years, Moussa has designed, developed, and scaled up isolation processes, including crystallization, filtration, and drying, for five different companies across four countries and two continents. His extensive industry experience fueled his academic pathway, which was not only laden with knowledge but also created a strong desire to disseminate that knowledge. As a postdoctoral fellow, he led ground-breaking research projects on supercritical fluid crystallization that not only advanced the field of crystallization but also enhanced materials science.

"Throughout my career, I've witnessed the profound impact that a deep understanding of crystallization can have, from pharmaceuticals to tech. It's a privilege to bring this expertise to Cobblestone, where I can help shape the next generation of industry innovators."

Transitioning into entrepreneurship and consulting, Moussa crafted and continuously refined a syllabus that became pivotal for professionals seeking specialized skills in crystallization. His connection with prestigious institutions enabled robust collaborations with industry giants, ensuring his teachings remained aligned with both contemporary and anticipated industry needs.

Recently, Moussa embarked on a new venture, founding InCryst Ltd., a contract research organization (CRO) that focuses on delivering innovative solutions in crystallization and solid form screening. This initiative reflects his vision for transcending traditional educational settings. In an era leaning heavily towards digital solutions, he pioneered virtual labs and interactive tools that transformed the communication of complex scientific principles. His commitment to this adaptive style of teaching materialized through initiatives that embraced technology to facilitate remote learning—a strategic move particularly prescient given the global trend towards more digitalized work and study environments.

Moussa’s extensive network as a renowned member of different professional chemical societies has allowed him to incorporate a variety of perspectives into his courses. He remains an active participant in forums and debates aimed at propelling the field of industrial crystallization forward. This extensive involvement ensures that his efforts will continue to influence the future of crystal formation and its applications across various industries.

Insights from the Mentor:
Our Exclusive Interview with Moussa Boukerche

During our conversation, Moussa shared his approach to teaching and the unique value of his crystallization courses.

Cobblestone: What sparked your interest in crystallization?

Moussa: My interest in crystallization started during my postgraduate studies. I was drawn to the orderly structures formed during crystalline processes and the role they play in various industries. This fascination led me to focus my career on not only understanding crystallization but also teaching it to others.

Cobblestone: What makes your crystallization course stand out?
Moussa: The course emphasizes both theory and real-world application. It is designed to teach students the principles of crystallization and give them hands-on experiences that reflect what they will encounter in their professional lives. This approach helps bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills, preparing students for careers in industries that rely on crystallization.

Cobblestone: What strategies do you use to teach complex crystallization concepts?
Moussa: It’s essential to make the material accessible and relevant. I use various methods, including workshops, case studies, and virtual simulations, to illustrate concepts. By connecting the subject matter to real-world applications, students are more engaged and able to see the value of their learning.

Cobblestone: How do you keep your course relevant to the current needs of the industry?
Moussa: I stay engaged with industry trends and advancements in crystallization. Collaborating with professionals ensures that the course material is current and anticipates future developments. This approach prepares students to be innovative and forward-thinking in their careers.

Cobblestone: Any recommendations for professionals looking to enhance their skills in crystallization?
Moussa: Embrace the opportunity to learn. Crystallization offers a path to solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions in various fields. I encourage professionals to deepen their understanding of crystallization to uncover new opportunities for growth and innovation in their careers.

Cobblestone: Thank you, Moussa. Talking with you today has been both informative and inspiring.
Moussa: I appreciate the opportunity to share my passion for crystallization. I look forward to seeing more professionals discover the potential of this fascinating field.

Moussa Boukerche’s work and insights underscore the importance of continual learning. For professionals ready to dive deeper into crystallization, embracing opportunities for education can lead to impactful growth and innovation. The journey to mastery is filled with discovery and opportunities, shaping a brighter, more innovative future for all.

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