An Introduction to the Preparation, Packaging and Labelling of Clinical Trial Supplies

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Duration: 90 Minutes
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Esther Sadler-Williams

$ 195
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Clinical studies are essential to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of new drug products before they are launched. The cornerstone of these studies is the clinical supplies, which must be properly labeled and prepared to ensure patient safety as well as prevent expensive clinical trial delays.

To provide a high-level overview and introduction to the key aspects of designing a clinical supply chain that is adaptable to the rapidly evolving trial landscape, this accredited online training will focus on optimal label and packaging design, as well as global supply logistics. The training will offer examples of strategies that can be employed to ensure the overall supply chain can work flexibly with changes in clinical trial design.

This training is vital to the industry as it underscores the importance of clinical supplies in the drug development process and offers insights into how to design a flexible clinical supply chain.

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  •  Define the key elements of the clinical supply chain and the scope of activities required to provide clinical trial supplies
  • Specify the core principles around label design and packaging for multinational studies
  • Identify strategies that can be employed to optimize global clinical supply logistics
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The introductory training will provide an overview of the key procedures and techniques involved in the preparation of clinical trial supplies. The training is intended for those who are new to clinical supplies or individuals who may interact with clinical supplies personnel /third-party providers and want to understand the clinical supply chain or refresh their knowledge.

This online training will benefit professionals in the following industries:
• Pharmaceutical
• Biotechnology
• Contract Clinical Research
• Contract Clinical Packaging and Logistics

Thus, it will be of interest to those in the following Job Functions:
• Packaging
• Clinical Manufacturing
• Clinical Trial Label Design
• Clinical Research Associate
• Logistics
• Quality Assurance/Quality Control
• Interactive Voice Response Systems – IVR/IWRS

In addition, this training will benefit, hospital pharmacists involved in Clinical Trials in departments such as:
• Research and Development
• Quality
• Clinical Supplies
• Clinical

Course Instructor


Esther Sadler-Williams

Managing Director, SimplyESW

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