Antiperspirant and Deodorant: Green Technology for Wetness and Odor Control

Duration: 2 Hours
Course Instructor

Eric Abrutryn

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Underarm actives for wetness (antiperspirants) and odor control (Deodorants and Deo-Cologne’s) continue to evolve as consumer grooming habits change, global regulations impact what can be sold to consumers, and changing emotive perceptions of safety and acceptable actives tie in with new scientific information about safety. This was demonstrated in the 1970’s with the banning of fluorocarbons, perception about absorption of aluminum into the blood stream in the 1980- 1990’s morphed underarm grooming from antiperspirants to deodorants; global restrictions being placed upon Volatile Cyclosiloxanes such as D4 and D5, and now with the push for more natural products (specifically not containing aluminum). The current trend in the marketplace is to remove ingredients that are perceived as unhealthy, potentially unsafe for long-term use on the body, or not environmentally sound, or plant-based resource renewable.

This accredited course will focus strictly on the trend toward more natural green technology for deodorant odor control. There is a need to develop truly odor-fighting control in the axillae that meets all consumer needs looking for a more natural plant-based green technology. Most products on the market still utilize older technologies in very classical antiperspirant and deodorant delivery systems. By taking this course, you will learn more about what alternative approaches can be used to enhance 24- to 48-hour odor fighting properties in elegant cosmetic formulations and delivery systems.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the categories of underarm deodorants
  • Outline the fundamental concepts of the chemical, physiological and formulary aspects of deodorant technologies and markets
  • Discuss functional actives and physiology of underarm axillary
  • Design and evaluate products for market acceptance and performance
  • Develop functional DEO products, and how to measure activity
  • Communicate to colleagues and associate’s information concerning underarm products, performance and formulations
  • Explain some of the formulary and regulatory challenges facing the industry
  • Discuss the axilla underarm body odor and reduced perception of od
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Who should

This course is designed for professionals in the cosmetics and personal care industry. It will be especially valuable to those working in departments such as Research and Development, Product Formulation, and all those involved in meeting the regulatory challenges involved in deodorant product development and marketing.

  • Formulators
  • Brand Managers
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory Affairs

Course Instructor


Eric Abrutryn

Founder TPC2 Advisors Ltd., Inc.

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