Developing and Optimizing of Roll Compacted Granulations for Tablets

Duration: 2.5 Hours
Course Instructor

Dr. Cecil W. Propst

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Granulating is the most popular way to prepare materials for tableting. Many excipients and actives used in modern direct compression processes are granulated. The granulation process, using only pressure for particle size enlargement, is dry granulation (Roll compaction (RC)).

The RC process, even though simple in principle, can be quite complex. Besides proper machine setup, formulation, and roll choices, multiple primary adjustments (Feed screw, tamp screw, roll speeds; Roll pressure) need to be balanced to obtain the desired outcomes (Gap, density, particle size enlargement). Then we have the complication of the screening/milling step that follows to consider obtaining the desired particle size.

Our target for the granulation step is to improve the quality of the tablet and the efficiency of the tableting process. The RC granulation is a milling formed granule and, as such, is most often not round and smooth and thus even though enlarged/densified needs to be finished, mixed, and handled to reduce potential particle erosion issues. Also, early in the RC granulation development process, the change in compact ability of the processed materials needs to be considered.

In this course, participants will develop skills in balancing the optimization of the RC process while reducing the risk associated with performance in the final tableting process and tableted product performance. This course will include numerous examples to review and help advance the decision-making skills of the participants.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and select ingredients on a need-to-use criteria
  • Qualify setup and RC design choices and performance impact
  • Explain how to effectively adjust RC process controls
  • Develop and justify granulation control ranges/specifications
  • Maximize RC granulation benefits/ minimize tablet risk
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This course is intended for personnel who work in the Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Food and related industries who develop, support, and/or troubleshoot granulations to be used in tablet manufacturing.

The following departments will find this course to be of great benefit:

  • R&D
  • Formulation
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality

Course Instructor


Dr. Cecil W. Propst

Managing Director, Propst Consulting Services

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