Introduction to Modern Cosmetic Preservation

Duration: 90 Minutes
Course Instructor

Steve Herman

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Preservatives are an essential component of consumer products, and basic knowledge of preservative technology is important for marketers and formulators.

It is necessary to understand the nature of microorganisms and the mechanisms that disrupt their growth. Many traditional preservatives are formaldehyde donors. Parabens, which are excellent products, are the victims of bad publicity. Several non-traditional products are available, and the use of glycols and activity boosters is useful. Essential oils can also have preservative activity.

This accredited training will address these topics and a variety of new approaches that lower the barrier to successful preservation, such as reduced water activity, hurdle technology, HACCP and cGMPs.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the mechanism of how traditional preservatives work
  • Discuss an overview of the requirements for a good preservative
  • Explore the criticism of many preservatives as irritants, formaldehyde donors, or bad publicity in the case of parabens
  • Give basic examples of new preservatives, the use of glycols, essential oils, and novel synergistic mixtures
  • Describe the basics of new concepts such as water activity, hurdle technology and some fundamentals of HACCP and cGMPs
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This course is intended for those new professionals working in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries in the area of lyophilization of parenteral drug products. The course will discuss basics of lyophilization, product and process development, characterization of drug products, and aseptic manufacturing. Participants may also include those that need a refresher on these topics.

It will specifically benefit those in:

  • R&D
  • Production
  • Quality Control

Course Instructor


Steve Herman

President, Diffusion LLC

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