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Course Instructor

Dr. Gregory A. Sacha

Associate Director of R&D for Baxter BioPharma Solutions


Dr. Gregory A. Sacha is a Senior Research Scientist for Baxter BioPharma Solutions in Bloomington, IN. He received a BS in Pharmacy from Butler University in 1993 and earned a Ph.D. in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy from Purdue University in 1999.

Dr. Sacha specializes in the formulation of sterile solutions and lyophilized solids for large and small molecules. His research includes the thermal characterization of pharmaceutical solutions, the development and optimization of lyophilization cycles, and the identification of particles through microscopic and spectroscopic methods.

Dr. Sacha is experienced in technology transfer, scale-up, and process improvement for solid oral and parenteral manufacturing processes and has presented lectures for this course since 2005 in Europe and the United States.

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