HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography): Method Development

Duration: 90 Minutes
Course Instructor

Rachel Monsef

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This HPLC course will benefit the personnel with some HPLC experience who are developing or optimizing HPLC methods. This accredited course will include discussions of the theory of Reversed and Normal Phase, Ion Pairing, and Ion-Exchange Methods. It will also give basic starting points on method development and method evaluation of these methods. The course is designed to give personnel with some HPLC experience a broader scope for how to use this invaluable analytical tool.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the theory behind basic HLPC methods(specifically reversed and normal phase, ion‐pairing, and ion exchange)
  • Begin development of HPLC methods
  • Optimize and evaluate the performance of HPLC methods
  • Troubleshoot and prevent basic issues with HPLC methods
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This online training will be most useful for people with little to no experience with HPLC or who perform routine testing using HPLC. This course will benefit laboratory personnel in many industries including: pharmaceutical – traditional and phytochemical, food, beverage, environmental, chemical, and personal products.

The potential job functions would be entry-level laboratory personnel with no HPLC experience, laboratory technicians who wish to gain a better understanding of HPLC theory and its applications, researchers with degrees in other disciplines who need to begin their own HPLC work. This includes: organic synthesis, quality control, and methods development chemists and various research personnel.

The departments in companies involved with the use of HPLC in research/development or quality control/quality assurance should insist their new personnel attend if they are not being trained in-house or as a supplement to their in-house training.

Course Instructor


Rachel Monsef

Consultant to the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries

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