Selecting Raw Materials for Skin Product Development

Duration: 90 Minutes
Course Instructor

Paolo Giacomoni, Ph.D.

$ 295
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Scientific discoveries about Epigenetics and Skin microbiome introduce new families of potential ingredients to the skin care industry. They can be paired with existing ingredients of proven efficacy to boost results. With so many cosmetic ingredients available today, selecting the right ones to include in a formulation can be quite challenging. Without adequate knowledge, the inclusion of some cosmetic ingredients may compromise the product or unnecessarily drive up its cost of goods. Knowing which ingredients offer the desired properties can simplify this process.

This accredited training course will provide useful information about ingredients selection. It will cover ingredients that are able to provide protection (no sunscreens), induce repair or modify the surface. A few examples to optimize formulation will be presented.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize raw materials with specific endpoints in skin care
  • Select raw materials according to brand image and positioning
  • Utilize new formulation tips to current applications
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The course is designed for individuals active in the Skin Care Industry, working in R&D or Marketing.

It will be beneficial to Chemists with basic knowledge of formulation and Marketing executives who want an understanding of active ingredients.


Course Instructor


Paolo Giacomoni, Ph.D.

Consultant to the Skin Care Industry

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