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Course Instructor

Ginette Collazo, Ph.D.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and CEO Human Error Solutions (HES)


Ginette Collazo, Ph.D. is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with 20 years of experience who specializes in engineering psychology and human reliability, disciplines that study the interaction between human behavior and productivity. She has held positions leading training and human reliability programs in the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries.

Ten years ago, Dr. Collazo established Human Error Solutions (HES), a Florida-based boutique consulting firm, where she has been able to position herself as one of the few Human Error Reduction Experts in the world. HES, led by Dr. Collazo, developed a unique methodology for human error investigations, cause determination, CA-PA development and effectiveness that has been implemented and proven amongst different industries globally. This scientific method has been applied in critical quality situations and workplace accidents.

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