Navigating Digital Marketing and Clinical Claims in the Cosmetic Industry

Digital Content Rules for Clinical Claims and Brand Success

Duration: 2 Hours
Course Instructor

Stephen R. Schwartz

Stuart Lee Friedel

$ 470
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The rules and regulations regarding supporting advertising claims for cosmetics have not changed. A claim cannot represent a cosmetic as a drug; the basis for claim support still needs to be consumer perceptible. However, the new vectors for sales and marketing via social media and website sales have brought forth a new paradigm for developing claim substantiation in these new media vectors.

This new era of marketing requires transparency, authenticity, and proven product efficacy to stand out from your competitors. The new cosmetic consumer is savvy, more eco-centric than ever, and hyper-aware of misleading information as well as the paid influencers.

Learn how to navigate the convoluted world of clinical claims and how to turn this data into digestible marketing content. Understand the do’s and don’ts of social media posts plus how to steer clear of controversial messaging. Find out how to test your product to reach the consumers you desire and how to share this information in a safe and positive way that gives the brand success you are looking for.

This intensive will layout the basics for claim support as rooted in law, science and media.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • List and explain current FTC guidelines
  • Describe the ‘gold standard’ needed for supporting claims
  • Explain the difference between a cosmetic and a drug
  • Create the correct message on social media and website platforms
  • List some do’s and don’ts of acceptable social media postings
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This online training is designed for professionals in the personal care and cosmetic industries.

Those working in research and development, sales and marketing will benefit greatly from this training.

It will be especially valuable for your company’s social and digital marketing teams. Product development professionals who take what marketing asks for and turn it into a product should also plan to attend. Given the new paradigm, it is essential that product development and marketing teams be “on the same page”.

Course Instructor


Stephen R. Schwartz

Founder and Senior Partner, Stephen Schwartz and Associates, LLC

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Stuart Lee Friedel

Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP

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