Rheology and Surfactants

Chemistry, Theory, and Application

Duration: 6 Hours
Course Instructor

Sam Morell

$ 980
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Developing products that can properly wet surfaces, disperse pigments, emulsify key components, or generate or destabilize foam is challenging due to the high surface tension of water. Understanding how materials are affected by applied stress forces and their flow behavior is crucial for formulators to develop products with optimal outcomes in terms of production, storage, packaging, and application.

To address these challenges, we offer a six-hour accredited course on Rheology and Surfactants (Chemistry, Theory, and Application). The course covers the fundamental principles of viscosity and surface tension, providing an in-depth understanding of the chemistry and mechanism of rheological additives and surface-active agents. Additionally, the course covers product types, deformation forces, flow behavior profiles, surface activity, measuring methods, and a review of interatomic bonding and intermolecular attraction, which will help explain how these important specialty additives and agents perform in real-world applications.

By taking this course, participants will gain essential insights into the relationship between rheology and surfactants and their effects on product development. They will also identify how to select and apply the appropriate additives and agents for optimal performance in their products. This knowledge will enable formulators to create high-quality products that meet customer needs and outperform competitors in the marketplace.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Essential Elements of Rheology
  • Explain the Effects of Deformation Forces, Temperature, and Time on Flow Behavior
  • Recognize Flow and Viscosity Profiles
  • Outline the Fundamentals of Surface Tension
  • Appreciate the Role of Surfactants in Wetting, Dispersion, and Emulsification
  • Identify the Chemistry and Mechanism of Rheological Additives and Surface-Active Agents
  • Describe Measuring Methods for Viscosity and Surface Tension
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This course is designed for research and development as well as business area personnel engaged in a wide array of industries including architectural paints, industrial coatings, printing inks, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, personal care products and cosmetics.

It is targeted for formulation chemists as well as marketing, sales, and customer service personnel.

Course Instructor

Sam Morell

Founder, S.P. Morell and Company

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