Surfactants: Chemistry, Theory,and Application

Date(s) and Time:
June 25, 2024
2pm EDT - 4pm EDT
Duration: 2 Hours

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Course Instructor

Sam Morell

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The high surface tension of water presents challenges to a formulator who attempts to develop products that will properly wet surfaces, disperse pigments, emulsify key components, or even generate or destabilize foam.

This accredited course on surfactants (chemistry, theory, mechanism, and application) initially reviews the various types and chemical structures of commercially available surfactants. An understanding of the role of interatomic and intermolecular attractive forces as it relates to surface tension is explored.

The course progresses to a better understanding of various surface activities, including surface area, surface tension, surface pressure, wetting, surface transport, and micelle formation. Then, we explore the world of foam with respect to how surface-active agents stabilize and de-stabilize bubbles at the surface or as entrained air.

Finally, a review of surfactants as an aid to the dispersion process and the measurements of surface tension in both equilibrium and dynamic conditions.


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This course is designed for research and development and business area personnel engaged in a wide array of industries, including architectural paints, industrial coatings, printing inks, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, personal care products, and cosmetics. It is targeted for formulation chemists as well as marketing, sales, and customer service personnel.

Managers and supervisors of the above-listed individuals would also benefit from this training by becoming acquainted with, and better understanding, the challenges involved with this technology.

Course Instructor


Sam Morell

Founder, S.P. Morell and Company

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