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Course Instructor

Moussa Boukerche

InCryst LTD | Moussa Boukerche Consulting LLC


Moussa Boukerche is a highly experienced crystallization scientist with a Ph. D in Chemical Engineering (France). He has over 25 years of expertise in industrial crystallization process development and solid form control. He has worked for renowned companies like Eli Lilly (USA), Abbvie (USA), Pfizer (UK), Aughinish Alumina (Ireland), and SANOFI (France). After leaving AbbVie (USA), Moussa founded Moussa Boukerche Consulting LLC, a consulting company specializing in industrial crystallization.

He is also the founder of InCryst Ltd (Innovative Crystallization www.incryst.com), a crystallization company focused on delivering innovative solutions in crystallization and solid form screening. Moussa continues to provide guidance and training on crystallization fundamentals, offering valuable insights to pharmaceutical, fine chemical, cosmetic, agro, and food companies seeking process design, development, and optimization.

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