Crystallization: Mastering Seeded Antisolvent Techniques


Date(s) and Time:
July 11, 2024
9 am EDT - 12:30 pm EDT
Duration: 3 Hours

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Course Instructor

Moussa Boukerche

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Crystallization plays a pivotal role in the production of high-quality specialty bulk products. This process will influence particle size, purity, and product yield all while needing to be monitored and controlled to meet a product’s specifications.

This fully accredited training is tailored for process chemists, chemical engineers, and pharmaceutical engineers. It delves into the critical role of crystallization, focusing specifically on seeded anti-solvent crystallization processes. Participants will explore the challenges encountered in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, fine chemicals, and cosmetics.

Through immersive case studies and practical demonstrations, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced techniques in seeded anti-solvent crystallization. Topics covered include fundamental principles, phase diagrams, and innovative seeding strategies. Emphasis will be placed on mastering supersaturation generation and control, diverse seeding methodologies, and cutting-edge in-situ seed bed formation techniques.

Additionally, participants will tackle the complexities of scaling up processes, overcoming challenges related to local effects and mixing regimes during scale up operation, ensuring safety. By the end of the course, process chemists, chemical engineers, and pharmaceutical engineers will be equipped to navigate seeded anti-solvent crystallization processes effectively, contributing to the efficient and consistent production of large-scale crystallized products with
defined physical properties.

Live interaction with the instructor allows for dynamic discussions and clarifications.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and define the fundamental principles underlying anti-solvent crystallization and its significance across various industries, including pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.
  • Explain the thermodynamics of crystallization, solubility, and supersaturation dynamics, along with mechanisms of nucleation and crystal growth, enabling effective control of the crystallization process.
  • Utilize a variety of seeding techniques, apply criteria for selecting seed crystals, emphasizing the importance of seed size distribution and seed form for final Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) control.
  • Apply the anti-solvent crystallization process with proficiency, including the principle of anti-solvent addition, solvent selection, solubility profiles (typical vs synergistic), and manipulation of temperature, solvent activities and mixing to achieve desired crystallization outcomes.
  • Analyze real-world case studies and applications of anti-solvent crystallization in pharmaceutical manufacturing, agrochemical production, and beyond, identifying challenges and implementing effective solutions in practical scenarios.
  • Examine recent advancements and emerging trends in anti-solvent crystallization, enabling you to anticipate and adapt to potential developments in the field.

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This course is designed for professionals within the process industries of pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical, and cosmetics.

These professionals include, but are not limited to:

  • Chemist
  • Engineers
  • Materials Science
  • Project Management
  • Other roles responsible for ensuring the successful development of organic compounds

The course is valuable for individuals with varying levels of experience, making it beneficial for both seasoned experts and newcomers in these industries.

Course Instructor


Moussa Boukerche

InCryst LTD | Moussa Boukerche Consulting LLC

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